To do this, create a geodetic network alignment. Geodesic works to create horizontal and vertical geodetic rather cumbersome and require not only field work, and work in an office (desk work), where a computer. Geodetic network consists of several firmly attached next to the object points, and geodetic work is to determine the exact coordinates and heights of these points from the existing state geodetic network, which covered the whole of our country (sometimes you can see these signs on buildings and asphalt, in Moscow, as a rule for them is an abbreviation Mosgorgeotrest – MGGT and the item number). Special computer programs (for example, Credo, RGS) can call received during the surveying measurements and a positioning accuracy alignment network. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. After as the basis for the construction of a geodesic is ready to begin surveying for the stakeout of the principal axes of the building, fence lines, sheet piling, anchoring on the ground with pegs temporary roads – all by Geodetic Brigade. Pete Cashmores opinions are not widely known. Surveyor continually monitors the development of the pit, counts the amount of soil, which is selected from the pit, and controls the depth of development, as in the construction of a rule is better a little bit not to dig, dig than (podsypku soil is much more expensive than cutting).

When does the stage of concrete work, surveyor working hard to stake out all the basic design of the building. This is so called marking works. (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). A breakdown – this is one of the main types of geodetic works in the building, without the builders would not know where to put the columns, walls, stairs, at what height to lift one or another construction, flooring, etc. Of course, you could put the construction of the "by eye" without the participation of the staff or specialized geodetic surveyor firms (for example, the Moscow company "Guild of Engineers, But then it would Builders will not be able to comply with the geometric standards and state standards SNiPs, and this, in turn, would lead to the possibility of building collapse, distortions, and aesthetic perception, when the columns were not strictly be in the range, but as trees in the forest. But in setting out the project in the nature of geodetic work does not end, and vice versa – after workers found a new construction, land surveyor will check its deviations from the project and commits them to executive scheme, which then goes to the regulatory authorities (such as construction watchdog Inspectorate).

Often geodetic surveying firm offering executive, as a separate service. For example, it can be useful for customer if he did not hire a specialized firm to provide construction and prefer full-time surveyor firm contractor. Why? Full-time surveyor construction firm can unsaid in their documentation of very gross deviations from the project, as this may entail large costs for the organization of work on the adaptation. An independent firm will be able to control the geodesic construction of the most impartial manner. Well, when object is ready, you should create a topographic map (executive master plan), which will be dealt a new object, communications, roads and entrances, etc. As you can see the construction site without the participation of the surveyor, possible and managed, but the result of the workers and foremen would not those who counted on the designers and customers work.