Some of these were and are very successful, others disappeared sang and quietly from the stage of the Internet, why? 3 Much to distinguish digital and physical products in the Internet purely digital products (i.e. files as programs, images, texts, videos) and material products which can not be distributed over the Internet are sales operations over the Internet. While the digital products on the Internet at the same time have a suitable distribution channel, all providers of material products had to develop compelling a powerful sales structure which gave their own benefit the purchase over the Internet. A good example here is the original bookseller Amazon, whose success on the sophisticated shipping and distribution structure is based. What is interesting here is that with the introduction and increasing commercialization of eBooks (i.e. files) the immanent channel once more to be taken the Internet. 4. Conclusion and Outlook promising websites should products devoted to, whose marketing is exclusively or largely digital.

At present here such as the offer is booming by comparison platforms of all kinds (prices, quality, experience, exchanges, etc.) which spared there, to deliver the products favored after the exchange of information. Promising, are and remain all sales platforms, which products can be supplied directly via the Internet. Innovations, it may be interesting. “A special feature under the here considered developments or a futuristic novum(?) is the 3D printer that allows to materialize products bought over the Internet when the user”. There may be other such developments.

All websites that want to sell material goods such as clothing, books on paper, everyday goods or special products, must enclose a perfectly functioning distribution system to its offer. Yet the term take a special position A freelancer”in the Internet represented offers or services (accountants, lawyers, healer, etc.). Here the pure dissemination of information has proved often promote sales. To what extent the Internet as a medium for the bi-directional exchange of information here gaining in importance in the future, remains to be seen. Interesting it will be better to observe the individual information offered in the Internet and the availability of digital products the value development of the information of. Michael Rai, Oranienbaum