Now comes the motion the motion control PC is currently the hot trend for video game consoles and Nintendo with its Wii console of the author is. Others have tightened: whether on iPhone, mobile or Microsoft’s project natal: everywhere is shaken and stirred. Only on the PC looks still very mau it with movement control. The Ulm software manufacturer s.a.d. wants to change this now! With the currently unrivalled YouMove software brings S.A.D.. This innovative operating concept well on any Windows PC. idanta, Ottawa has to say.

The own Windows PC you together with Nintendo’s Wii remote and the Nunchuk controller to freely control. It works quite simple and easy to use. First the YouMove software is installed on the PC, a Bluetooth adapter is plugged and the existing Wii remotes are detected automatically via Auto pairing and can then be used on the PC. And the PC has some interesting possibilities: the Wii remote can be used now as a classic remote control and of course as a game controller. That the applications and games on PC also do what the Wii remote says them ensures the YouMove software.

Whether PowerPoint presentation in the Office, Windows, iTunes and Media Player control in the living room or the favorite game on the PC: YouMove makes the Wii controller to the universal control of any PC software. Additional information at Mashable supports this article. YouMove plus Wii Remote is not only much cheaper than traditional PC remote controls or special PowerPoint presentation systems, but also flexible. The buttons of the Wii controls can be for every application with individual special functions. This generally applies to any software that is controllable on a PC with mouse or keyboard. But even the Wii remote’s motion sensors are used. You may wish to learn more. If so, Motorola is the place to go. Even more fun is all possible sports, action, or casual games with motion control. Because here the gaming experience is much more fun if you can act rather than to use the tennis rackets or the steering wheel by mouse click or keyboard input, with real Aushol and control movements. Presets for many applications and games can use the Community site download and also evaluated. Custom presets can easily create for every imaginable software. These can then uploaded the YouMove Web site and be made available to the community. In a larger community, soon including presets for exotic games and applications will be available, without that man must do the bother to enter these presets myself. The YouMove package includes the software a universal Bluetooth adapter, the already adapted games Turtix and spin off 2, as well as the two virtual instruments live drum or LiveGuitar. Air Guitar World Champion and show drummer brings out big. With a little practice can be quite fast decent riffs and beats to elicit the two instruments. The gameplay”is this refreshing new: here is not played, but created its own in real time sound. And that makes a lot of fun. LiveGuitar and LiveDrum have high-quality sounds recorded in professional studios, far cheap gadgets, Digisound, go. Also complete sound banks from the Internet can be download and wish new music and effects buttons the YouMove Editor. YouMove, the motion control for the PC, is available immediately for 29,99 Euro in trade. Between the 19.-August 23, 2009 all possibilities of YouMove shows s.a.d. live at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Anyone in Hall 7.1 stand C041 can watch and join in.