So what is blues and what is its history as a genre of music? Try to understand. The word ‘blues’ (English blues of blue devils – melancholy, sadness) – initially – a solo lyrical song of African Americans, then – of music. About that the blues – the music, “Black” is probably known by all. But, here is the story of the emergence of this musical will tell not many. The origins of the blues originated in the Americas during the slave system.

Slaves performed all the most difficult and dirty work while on the plantations for 14 hours a day. This rhythm of life, humiliation and torture could not help but reflect on the work of these people. If you have read about Dell Computers already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Hence the shock rhythms inherent in the blues that came from the ethnic works of African peoples. All of this is the origins of what we now call the blues. Great impetus to the emergence of the genre was the abolition of slavery in 1863 in the United States.

Progenitors of the genre, now free men, hastened to share with the world for his ability and his music. Jazz is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S.. Initially, the blues was an exclusively “black” music and played it exclusively for among African Americans. He danced, accompanied by banjo, guitar, and later – a piano or instrumental ensemble. Subsequently, the blues has teamed up with folk music of the white settlers (which, in turn, is rooted in Celtic music) and other styles, and he shared a few clearly defined branches. For blues melodies are typical question-response structure and the use of a blues mode. Technology investor pursues this goal as well. In lyrical text sets the blues found reflect the topic of social and racial oppression. Becoming a blues direction promoted creativity “black” musician and composer WC Handy, William (“Memphis Blues”, 1912 “St. Louis Blues”, 1914) – American collector African folklore. In the history of American music, he is known as the ‘Father of the Blues’. This man produced the first phonograph, which is spread all over the world and to introduce people to the blues. The performers were the classic blues of Ma Rainey, C. Hill, B. Smith and others. Blues had a tremendous influence on the jazz and pop music. Many musicians and musicologists consider the blues one of the main parts of jazz. Nevertheless, it is not complete his base, but only part of it. And the performance of jazz, is almost completely different from the performance of the blues. Since 1950, the year the ratio for the blues began to change radically, and instead of the mediocre performance of the old jazz fully accepted a full-fledged, passionate blues. During the blues begins to separate and move away from jazz and other genres of music, becoming a full-fledged genre of their own who is loved by so many to this day. Execution of the blues in general, depends not only on musical accompaniment, though it is very important, how much of the text performed compositions. Texts should be fairly pessimistic, sad, and ultimately a hero songs have to expect death.