The majority of the people prefers to omit its feelings for different reasons, each one with its reason. It has those that it prefers to leave in secret with the heart. has the exceptions that they are made of love and they give to the face pra to beat, without knowing what it comes for later. I go to say that I incase myself in the three, for each moment of my life I am a feeling and for each feeling I use ones of these cunnings, pra me everything I have its hour, nor always I I make the certain thing, to the times I change the hands for the feet, but who said that to make all certainty it has favour? The good part of the life if finds in the mysteries, in the unexpected one, from there comes to the emotion. To make all certain planned is so entediante, has terror alone to say this word, I wants that this pass far from me. I want to be this missed thing, that everything says what it has to say, but that other times keep to feelings alone pra me, perhaps with the time disclose I, other I go to only belong them same me.. Neil cole candies foundaton is actively involved in the matter.