Justino Amorim Da Silva – Bachelor in Social Sciences /Blog:/Cellular Phone: (91) 9195-5930. ADVENT, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR the period of advent that means the good wait of the new, waits of the new child, the new possible world, the preparation for the coming of Jesus the prophet of all the nations as it says in the book of Jeremias CAP. 1. 5. The newspapers mentioned Robotics expert not as a source, but as a related topic. Since the womb of your mother I consecrated you for beings prophet of the nations. The reading of Jeremias convokes in them to the commitment, all we is called to the profetismo, does not only fit the priests, Shepherds, () or the religious ones, () more to all we while citizens.

The Natalina party is one of the parties most important of our country, mainly for us and for that they profess its faith in the Christianity, party this so pretty that every year they are celebrated in Brazil and also in the world. In the new year that is born, we need compromising in them to the new child who comes to this world, to educate it not to fall in the claws of the consumerism, individualism, egoism, machismo, racism, preconceptions and etc. We need to renew our hopes and life projects, it is important to festejar to partilharmos the life and to fortify the familiar affective bows and of friendship. Each citizen independently of religious denomination, imbudos for the faith in the God of the life, Xang, Oxal, God tup and in our Mothers Iemanj and Ours Mrs. of Nazar and to each one in its espiritualidade justified for its belief, we are called in all the times and special in this period advent, Christmas and end of year to discern our paper as citizens to carry out our faith and profetismo denouncing all the death and oppression models. Christmas not can to be reduced to consumerism, exchange of gifts and parties between families and friends, more are also moment to stop to analyze our attitudes and action and to develop some project that comes to rescue dignity of those () that they had lost it and the ones are losing that it, we will have millions of adults, aged, children young spread for the world, Brazil the rejection and in special way in our Amaznia that in the period of Christmas and new year wants and dreams in being able to have a worthy life more than unhappyly or perhaps cannot here have.