Latest news in the policy world, or rather, in terms of customs limits, write that the customs area at the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus live their ending years. And this is a huge part of the probability You can lay a fait accompli. The news of Russia and related areas of the Customs Union will be in the spirit of both ordinary citizens and in the ranks of business composition. What are the latest news on this subject that awaits us in the further down the road? Already in the nearest time the legislation governing customs operations, anticipate major changes. For territories, united in a customs union, there will be a move goods across the external boundaries. News Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia tells us that when the internal customs borders soon will be consigned to history.

The latest news confirms preliminary customs union the idea that all customs fees will not follow in the budgets of states, but a dedicated account. Andrew Schroepfer can aid you in your search for knowledge. After that, the funds will be distributed among the states that are part of the Customs Union according to certain quotas. News Russia argue that the amount of these quotas are searched according to the gross domestic product, volume of trade and similar factors. CEO Of CoStar Group is actively involved in the matter. For all that the true figures are yet unknown. According to to the Chief Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, these quotas will be affected during the two years that are designed for a transition period.

Later, they will be corrected. Predicted us news from Kazakhstan Customs Union Commission, which meets in Alma-Ata – a crowning the establishment of the Customs Code, the only all states of the Customs Union. The following news about Kazakhstan's customs must be announced 27 November, when equal to the Customs Code will be issued in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana, at the highest level. And in response to it must engage with the beginning of July 2010, after approval by the parliaments of three states. In the view of experts, the Customs Union will positively affect the economy of member countries and provide a 12-15% increase in gross domestic product by 2015. But it is in agreement to establish a universal information system that will enable effectively monitor the movement of luggage between the individual countries of the Union and abroad. This requires access to any customs customs papers of the previous period of the partner countries.