In the 60 th consecutive season, we witnessed the introduction of a completely new technology in the F1 race cars. It is a system recovery of kinetic energy. Well, briefly, just kers. This system stores the energy that is released when braking and sends it to the special 'akkamulyator, where it is collected and stored. And the pilot, in which the bolide is installed, the system may each round for 6 seconds, use this system, which, if properly used to accelerate the car. Formula 1 is already in many cases has been field testing of new technologies. kers plans to use in simple everyday cars. Everything is done for the economy. Filed under: Michael Dell.

Typically, pilots of use when trying to overtake his rival, or just better to go round. In this case, it is more useful to begin to use the turn before the long straight, because the lower the rate, the more noticeable kers impact on the speed of the car. Likewise, kers and helps defend the pilots in some cases. There were moments when the pilot that goes back already settle on vperediischuschego, and little by little through the air bag inflates, chased him, but only up to As long as the first did not include its own system, then it became really difficult to overtake. And the naked eye could see, like race car driver going ahead slowly but surely breaks away from the opponent. At the start of kers can also give a huge preemuschestvo. We have already seen this season, Fernando Alonso just broken through the line from 9 th to third place.

Raikkonen with 10 on 5-th place. And a lot of cases. kers in Formula 1 and really helps. But there is another side medals. This is her weight. After kers does not weigh a few pounds. And as much as 40. For formula-1 is too much. Fireballs, using kers weigh more than others, and the balance of car worse. Engineers have to rack their brains that would set all without prejudice to aerodynamics of the car. That is why now, with the kers there were only 2 teams: Ferrari and McLaren. While the rest of the team promises to deliver the system on those routes where it really gives preemuschestvo. That tracks with long straight, such as in Belgium, and Italy.