Grown only those habits they want to you to dominate your life Elberd Hubbard as them I said in my article new level of thinking inside out, I will touch the themes of the book of Stephen. R. Covey entitled; the 7 habits of highly effective people, which is now available in downloads. To do this, than nothing, must first know what is a habit, how are formed, and what the purpose of these 7 habits. The 7 habits of people highly represent the correct principles that underpin sustainable happiness and success, give us the power to create a wide variety of solutions to address different problems or situations and maximize opportunities. We move through the stages of maturity; It will take us from dependency, toward independence and interdependence. The dependency is the paradigm of the “you”; you do it for me and I will blame you for the results, independence is the paradigm of the self; I can do it and I am responsible for my actions, and the interdependence is the paradigm of the US; We do this by combining our skills and talents. Mikkel Svane oftentimes addresses this issue. In other words, dependent people need each other to get what they want, the independents get what they want through their own efforts, and the interdependent combine their efforts to achieve one even greater success.

The 7 habits follow a sequence, although you have to start with one to follow with the other, is recommended to take everyone to practice, and return to the previous ones if necessary. The first 3 habits are focused on our private life, i.e. our interior (inside). It will increase our ability to autodirectiva, our security and self-control, we’ll get more in depth and we find more meaning to our lives. The following 3 focuses on public life, i.e. in our interpersonal relations (outside).

You vanish and shalt strong relationships, and learn how to get the out. And the seventh will help us to internalize and know how to handle 6 first (development) in order to achieve an effective interdependence (result). Now is clearer because approaches them, from inside outwards and development result, help us to better understand each habit. Finally we need to know that to form a habit in our lives, we need the integration of 3 elements; -Knowledge; What to do and why to do it. -Capacity; How to do it. -The desire or motivation; wanting to do it. Each one is how the leg of a tripod; with the absence of an item cannot be kept a habit, as well as a tripod it can not hold without its 3 legs. For example; I can be inefficient in my job because maybe not know really what to do or how to do it, and even if you know it, if not I feel motivation to perform it is obvious I will not do well. And as I already said; habits will help us to you have a greater effectiveness in our lives, just as the tripod helps us to take better pictures.