At a sales seminar of ZfU with Peter Schreiber, capital goods seller training to acquire project contracts and service contracts. We have the problem,…”we want in the future…” If capital goods seller of industrial customers hear such statements, they are challenged for the customer or the customer to design a solution of the problem, so that they can acquire a job. Among other things, because the purchasing decisions of industrial customers several areas and people are involved in, which have partly different interests is often difficult. As the sale (wholesale) projects and industrial services, capital goods seller find out in a practical training carries out that the sales consultant Peter Schreiber, specialized in B2B sales, on 19th and 20th May 2010 for the ZfU international business school in Ruschlikon on Lake Zurich (CH). “In the two-day acquisition training B2B customer win: complex services professionally sell” train the participants, inter alia, to determine where these currently a need exists or arises with industrial customers. For example, because the (not yet-) customer is under pressure to innovate. Or because he wants to reduce its costs. Or because its market has changed.

“After practice to identify the seller, which areas and people in the customer organization to the purchase decision are involved and what needs the members of the buying Center” have. This building, they develop precise acquisition strategies relative to the target customer. Also they train the consulting with industry clients plan say sales calls and to lead, that arises when the decision-makers feel this is a very competent and pleasant partner”, so that your organization receives the order even if it is not the cheapest provider. The participants in the acquisition of training not only in theory know all this. Rather serve real company as a case study, with which the participating vendors like to do business want to. For example from the field of machine and plant construction as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also from the IT and telecommunications sectors. “The participation to the training B2B customers win: complex services professionally sell” on May 19-20 costs 2880 Swiss francs (2057 euro). A further seminar will be held on 10 and 11 November. For more information interested on the homepage of the ZfU business international school (