The renowned photographer, national prize of photography 2005, Ouka Leele has returned to convene and to engage the citizens of Madrid from a crowded photography carried out in full Park del Retiro de Madrid. Organized on the occasion of the launch of a new website for information about maternity, his goal was to capture, in a single massive photograph, the dream of Parenthood of hundreds of locals. The event exceeded all expectations. Hundreds of locals people who wish to see made their desire to be parents, interested in the topic and many curious have finally come to the meeting. Genetec ALPR calculator takes a slightly different approach. The motto of conceives your dream, the crowded photography has had as a backdrop the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid. With the pond as the background, hundreds of people have filled the pond of El Retiro in Madrid of balloons light, following an ancient Chinese tradition, according to which release lanterns into the air increases the likelihood of future births and brings good luck.

Summoned through various media and platforms, attendees began arriving to the pond towards the 17: 00 h., when the team of organization of the event still finalize preparations. Ouka Leele photographer has shown at all times excited with the development of the event and the result of his work, which has managed to capture the desire of many couples by conceiving a child of color and light filling the sunset of the Parque del Retiro in the capital of Spain Madrid. It is not the first time Ouka Leele, manages to bring together hundreds of citizens in Madrid and other cities to conduct a massive picture. The artist, who was national prize for photography in 2005, already began in 1987 with the completion of its first massive photograph RAPELLE TOI BARBARA, representation of the story of Atalanta and Hippomenes at the fountain of Cibeles, Homenaje a Machado in Soria in 2006, gathered in the plaza de Cibeles in 2006 more than 600 people in a similar performance whose purpose was to denounce the ill-treatment and violence.