The Tsar's tale whimsy sent from a website Humorka. There once was a single state, "King." And once he experienced the feeling of thirst. Not understanding the true desires and the problems that arose in the king, was described to them in these words: – I have dryness in the throat! Servants quickly reacted to the words of the Emperor, quickly trying to find something to ease the king of flour. They brought with them the oil. Without hesitating, the emperor tried to help himself, brought him medicine, and fix it – no longer in my throat dry. It would seem that everything had to get better, but the discomfort remained. The effect of oil was more than the "original." – God, what a horror? Language as if enveloped in an unpleasant slippery pall! – Muttered one. At the insistence of the medicine man at court, the king had been prescribed the brine and vinegar – all he obediently accepted. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro.

Prescription medication had no effect healing, and vice versa – has caused stomach upset and forced the king to cry. – There is a suggestion … – I want to drink, – said the Emperor, for the torture and pain in it initiated the flow of thoughts, vylivshihsya in his words. – Do not shed tears of such things! – Astonished courtiers. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the source for more interesting facts. Although they all understood that the Emperor "juggles" but their concern was to cure the king, so the servants hurried to find a beautiful fragrant wines. Once again, the Emperor treated the fact that he brought, but the result was not. After "such" treatment of stomach and completely ceased to function. Words of a sensible and intelligent man, who saw and knew the issues and the king's troubles were as follows: – In common Vodice our sovereign need experience! – Do not drink some water kings simple, do not you know? – People began to shout.

– Really! – Spoke the king. – Where ever heard of a patient treated with water, so even when the patient – Emperor himself! For this reason, apply for a disease complicating every hour, so a simple cure – it is impossible. No idea this kind of logic can not be, it only serves as a pretext to insult the patient and encourage the dignity of a man who dared to voice this thought.