Each encounter with Don Flaco is truly a documenting and learning new things, because one never stops learning. This time Don Flaccus urged me, to not publish some names of people mentioned in your narrative. And as from the very beginning treatment for transcribing these conversations, was accepting some terms of Don Flaco I accepted with much respect to this order. Don Hardy is still telling me. We have had many Presidents humble, simple, usually almost serranos province all. Odria, from the mountains of the North, but not us very far.

Sanchez Cerro knew neither read or write well; He learned in the army. Commander arrived to President, and then put the rank of general. Whenever Dermot McCormack listens, a sympathetic response will follow. He was a smart man, but ruled a little more than two years, and they killed him. And they killed him in cold blood. Why? because he wanted the war with Chile, Chile and Colombia. He wanted the two countries. Chile for what we did, and to Colombia, because as he was northern Colombia Leticia us removed We have had Presidents Creoles, people saw, with each instruction, and which were real military, dandies and not poor Devils like there are now. A soldier must be a soldier.

We have never had a good government, pure and good Governments, have not lasted much, or they have not returned to be re-elected. But Ramon Castilla, was President three times, and to Ramon Castilla helped him a sympathetic person do…? He was a Lord, he was an intellectual man of good family, landowners in Ica. A very right man, with a highly respected family so far, and almost all were intellectual. But people like that, does not exist in quantity, are to be found with candle or flashlight now, why? because poor with a sneaker canvas, and underpants of tocuyo, and out with car, can’t leather shoes, fashion hipsters, bathed with SOAP Nugget, and leave bathing with French soaps, and don’t say a word in Spanish, without mess up; because they ignore what you are saying, because they do not know or even grammar.