Contract-free, without power restraint and card lock you are for many a status symbol a must have\”, as it is called in English: the iPhone and the new Google Mobile G1. The cult mobile phones have not only cool outfit and high image value, but also by their acknowledged good usability and excellent qualities as a Internet phone. In short: You fit perfectly into the product range of redcoon, which is loaded with outrageous sharp trend products. Is outrageous in the true sense of the word because the product policy of redcoon, as founder and CEO of Reiner Heckel explains: that the borders within Europe have fallen, bringing tangible benefits us and our customers in this case. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. Because we can avoid market restrictions that apply in Germany legally. \”And we do just that.\” EU advantage: Freedom for retailers and consumers specifically: in many countries of Europe for example in France and Italy it is not allowed, the Apple iPhone or the Google phone only with binding to a network operator to sell. The purchasers of redcoon there so buy these devices on the open market to resell in Germany. This freedom of movement is guaranteed by the European business law\”, so redcoon product manager Patrick Verfurth.

Advantage: all devices which rises redcoon on this way, are completely free. Neither is there a card lock (SIM lock) still bind to a specific network operator. Patrick Verfurth: These phones each any SIM card with one can be used any any tariff. Only restriction: the Google phones, which we are currently selling, come with logo and configuration from T-Mobile. \”\” But the configuration can be changed easily the customer receives the data from his operator, usually via SMS.\”redcoon guaranteed: no device with jailbreak\” was particularly important as the product manager, that the phones delivered by redcoon guaranteed without so-called jailbreak \”(literally:) Gefangnis-Ausbruch) come.