The fact that the mixers are not designed with the thermostat on our water supply with its non-permanent pressure and poor water quality. In addition, mixers thermostats are quite expensive. Read additional details here: Zendesk. The most often encountered include faucets with photocell and touch control. Let's talk more about the important details of the mixer – Closing valve. Mixer with a tap-Books are not important, its performance is still determined by the degree of wear seal, that is laying. These mixers are perfectly adapted to our conditions and easily repaired. But a ball mixer performance is determined by the reliability and durability of valve.

In most cases, this valve is made of metal and ceramic, which is resistant to abrasion and chemical attack, much less design such a valve is a hollow sphere or a disc of stainless steel. These mixers have no diseases, such as rapid wear of seal gaskets, but they are very sensitive to salts dissolved in water and especially to the dirt. Since the adjustment elements are very accurate, mote enough to cause malfunction. In most cases, to resolve it, enough crane to dismantle and blow it. To disassemble the ball faucet, it is necessary to turn out only one screw is usually hidden under a blue and red cap (sometimes it says company name), but for this you need a small allen wrench. Let's talk about design features a mixer, which are not major and did not affect its performance. It is increasingly popular so-called Retractable spout (pull-out spouts), bottom valves – to open and close the sink, pulling the lever at the rear of the mixer, and several others.