Includes self-storage space in Munich and environment if you live in Munich, then you know the problem, that housing is very expensive, perhaps, and often no accommodation for miscellaneous belongings. Because who wants to are already the inherited old cabinet from Grandma, from which one is somehow can not separate, in the middle of the modern living room have? That’s why need storage! In Munich, there are a number of storage rooms of different type and you will have certainly no trouble finding storage space in Munich. Alone the number of self storage warehouses from month to month in incredible mass increases. Quick and easy profit, you can do with this storage is to blame for this. Who has some capital, which pulls in Munich or environment just a big warehouse high, parceled the area in separate, separately lockable storerooms and the self is voila finished storage room, which you can rent now cheap and without much effort to private individuals or companies. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro !). And after actually hardly capital necessary because except for a broker who rented the warehouses and possibly drop a cleaning lady, who at times sweeps through the corridors, the initial investment is no further costs for the operators. Because the beauty of the self-system is that the tenant is autonomously and independently take care of their warehouses and their contents. You need no staff, which makes inventory management or forklift and driver for the loading and unloading of parcels and delivery vehicles. So you can earn really good money also in Munich with self-Lagerraumen. Try it, if you have just some capital available.