Measurement without sensor technology today days unimaginable what sensors are used for? Most Ultrasonic sensors are used for level measurement with sensor technology. This type of measurement a very precise technique is how does the measurement with sensor technology? The sensors send ultrasonic waves in the direction of the tank contents. Ultrasonic waves are frequencies inaudible to humans. The sensor is a silent station. The peculiarity is that the ultrasonic sensor at the same time has the ability to receive waves. This explains also the function. The sound waves penetrate easily existing air into a tank.

The waves hit a liquid, they will be reflected. The waves arrive back at the sensor. On the basis of the duration between the sending and receiving of the waves, the ultrasonic sensor calculates the level. This calculation is done in a small integrated processor. What are the advantages of this technology? The advantages of this technology are obvious. An employee can easily on a computer check the level of several containers. This is a useful, if a tank or reservoir is filled, but also when it comes to a tank or reservoir must be non-empty.

Without this technique it took staff which are informed on the spot about the level. It was particularly important for the filling of a tank constantly to control, so did not overflow. Partly, an employee had to simultaneously control multiple levels. With Ultrasonic sensors, this is no longer a problem. Another advantage is the possible complete electronic record of levels without a manual transfer to the computer areas: the sensors can be used in all areas of a filling level measurement. This begins already in the agriculture, in the automotive sector continues through various other companies who rely on it. The sensors are used even in dairies. The images of overflowing milk tanks have disappeared almost from the scene. This list could you expand any. Almost everywhere, Ultrasonic sensors have a firm place.