In that folder is created on the spot Driver Backup with all the necessary drivers). – Retention of information. When you install the operating system from scratch on a blank hard disk, the question of preservation of information is not relevant. If you reinstall, before it is beginning to care about safety located on the hard disk of valuable information. The computer has one or more hard drives ("HDD"), a space which is virtually divided into sections – the logical drives. Get representation of disk space, hard drive and its division into logical drives can go to "My Computer" (double-click the left mouse button on the appropriate icon on your desktop or go to the Start menu and Select a section of the same name). If you hover your mouse over any of the logical partitions, a window will appear with information on the full and the remaining space. Aggregate total amount of all logical disks corresponds to the disk space hard drive (HDD) on your computer.

When you reinstall the opportunity to reallocate the disk space on the hard disk (s) between the logical partitions and also change the number of the latter. In this case, the information stored in the variable logical partitions will be lost. If you do not plan to change the configuration of the individual logical drives that are on them, the data persist. In this regard, valuable files stored on changing discs, copy to removable media (flash drive, portable hard drive, cd / DVD-R / rw, etc), another computer or on an immutable logical partition (in this case Be sure to remember his name, why – will understand later). Here is to copy the folder with the drivers, "extended" from the old operating system by Driver Genius (see above). When deciding on the method of separation (or need ) hard drive into logical partitions must be considered that the optimal size of drive C, which is the default in Windows, should be 7-10 gb.

The remaining space on the hard disk can be will be divided into any number of logical partitions (on the user's choice). I want to note that all information stored on the desktop and in your My Documents folder is actually located on the C drive! Therefore, if there are valuable files, they should also be copied to the "safe place". So, if there is a workable "Install" Windows xp disk with the registration code, defective CD-drive carrier with the necessary drivers and useful information is already stored, you can install (reinstallation) of the operating system. read MORE