Optimization in search engines is one of the most effective methods for improving traffic to a site. Most companies are interested in a quick optimization. Here are some steps to make money fast optimization in search engines. Continue to learn more with: isearch. Step 1: The first step is to determine your goals. It is very important to decide in which market consumers are interested. Find phrases that the audience you want to have can be used to search a Web site. Step 2: Check the traffic to your current Web site and record the statistics. hropies. Find out which keywords are leading search engines on the Web site.

To have top positions for keywords that are generally not used is useless. Step 3: In order to earn more money with SEO, try to design pages that are easily indexed by the spiders of search engines. For example do instead of static pages that are dynamic. Step 4: Most search engines are unable to search for pages that are developed only with images or graphics. Step 5: Make the website more light, otherwise the time problems occur when spiders are unable to access the site. Step 6: Search engines do not index the page if the website is hosted on a free service.

The use of a good hosting server is a necessity. Step 7: Submit your website to search engines following its guidelines. Step 8: Sometimes the search engines lose data due to some technical error. It is always advisable to resend the site if you’ve done optimization and you’re not seeing results.