Style lighting in the interior of the interior of your apartment or house can not be imagined without svetilnikov.Izyskanno selected chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and various lighting create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home, putting the necessary emphasis in the design of the room. Whatever the original would not have been all around, with no well-chosen lighting design is not complete. Try to consider the three basic styles of lighting, modern, classic and high-tech concrete examples. 1.Klassika. That come to us in the head at this word, if we consider the subject of lighting? Of course the correct forms, crystal, bronze, gold, luxury, and at the same time refinement. All it is, and one of the brightest representatives of this style is the production of world-famous factory Reccagni Angelo (Italy). Graceful lines and careful study of all, even the smallest detail and luxury nevyzyvayuschaya performance probably will not leave you indifferent and silenced even the most inveterate kritikov.Reccagni Angelo produces exclusively interior svetilniki.Vse they are sorted by series.

This allows you to easily pick up kit of lyustry.bra, floor lamps and table lamps made in one stile.plafony made in three variants, glass, crystal, cloth, or a combination of the above the aforesaid range materialov.Tsvetovaya classic white ceiling or beige color and design of the lamp itself is bronze in color (dark and light), gold, or wood (dark and light). Source: Steve Wozniak. Each series is represented by several versions differing in the number of chandelier lamps, from 3 to 24.Eto oznachaet.chto choosing a classic style you can easily Reccagni Angelo for buying what is more appropriate for the size of your pomescheniya.Vysokoe workmanship and materials of course reflected in the price of lamps, but believe me, they are worth. 2.Modern. Style rather than svoeobraznyy.V even a simple but very elegant and there is no room demokratichnyy.V straight lines, the ceiling often made in the form of a sphere or a hemisphere. soft diffused light, satin style can steklo.Etot go with any decor. Moreover, that the variety in style and color performance practically does not know granits.On combines the seriousness and the classics and cutting-edge contemporary tehnologii.Vybor manufacturer is difficult primarily because of their huge kolichestvo.V particular even Reccagni Angelo has a series of Art Nouveau.

We suggest you consider the lighting plant Odeon (Italy) and Eglo (Austria). The variety of colors and materials of which are made fixtures allows you to find exactly what your ideal room. 3.Hay-tech. The name itself-(high technology – high-tech) says mnogom.Stil be called ultra . it in the first place and all structure subordinated to this goal. Razlichny.Ot form of straight lines and right figures, to models of transformers with bundles of wires. Razlichny.Shiroko Materials used metal, glass and plastik.Kak usually very easy to use, easy to change the angle and intensity models are equipped with remote osvescheniya.Nekotorye upravleniem.Svetilniki in this style also produce a large number of firm.My suggest you pay attention to production factory Globo (Austria), as in our opinion the most reliable and high quality. Svetilniki.lyustry, sconces and lamps above mentioned producers, as well as many other things you can see on the site of an online store for Global illumination at