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art and science

The Pupils

It is for the fact of the game to be a so valuable and efficient way in the learning, that in all place where if it obtains to transform reading, calculation, orthography in trick, is observed that the pupils if get passionate for these had occupations as comumente dull. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. Following this expectation, the importance of this work if constitutes of the attempt to rescue the playful one as preponderant factor for the construction of the process teach-learning of the mathematics, had as one of them you discipline pertaining to school that present significant levels of difficulties for the agreement and understanding enters the pupils of basic education. In the scope of the educational formation, the construction of the thought, or the thoughts and methods of transmit them strategically place the didactic between the diverse ones discipline pedagogical gifts in the context deformation in the process teach-learning, that it searchs to contribute so that the citizen if prepares philosophical, scientific, technique and affectively for the type of performance that if objective.

Thus, the didactics while technology the service of the pedagogia fulfills a paper important in the direction to propitiate a multicriteria reflection on the limits and the possibilities of the teaching performance in the contemporaneidade. Thus, the basic question of study is: how playful activities can be used as didactic strategy to maximize the learning of the mathematics? The reply to this question closely it is related with the form of interpretation and intervention of the professor, having revealed to be available for the relations. This also is one of the ones of this work is to describe some of the didactic Inter-relations, promoted for the games and tricks, in the construction of the process of learning of the mathematics in pupils of basic education, detaching the paper of the game as facilitador in the process of acquisition of the learning of the mathematics in pupils of basic education.


Thus, it is not sounded correct to say that the Hermeneutics is a very old and obsolete chapter of the Philosophy or the Methodology in general, therefore the Hermeneutics is present in everything what intelligence interprets materialize, for the application and the practical ones. Moreover, some hermeneutic lines are renewed for the recent findings of the Rhetoric, for the advances of the Linguistics in general and the Pragmatic one in special and for everything what it is stipulated to call ' ' reason comunicativa' ' , in the expression brother-in-law for Habermas. Evidently, the Hermeneutics also can be excellent in scientific communication, in if the which esteem resulted contextualizados by the probability, as for science; for the efficiency, with respect to the communicative strategy. The instruments of gauging for the amounts, as well as the pointers that allow to evaluate the quality of the result of communicated science it is the agreement of the public and, therefore, its behavior in relation to the transmitted contents. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. In this point it fits plus an analogy: as well as the application it differentiates the hermeneutics of the mere interpretation, the change of behavior on the part of the public differentiates the effective communication of the science of the mere transmission of information.

However, having itself in account that the scientific communication is nature substance to multidiscipline, I contend in its bulge varied elements, of most concrete to diffusest, not if it can deny that the fan of distortions which any hermeneutics would be susceptible he is considerably ample, of where elapses that, in greater or minor degree, we would be dealing with zones of vaguidades, imprecises and uncertainties. Could the biographies of the scientists contribute stop with the effectiveness of the results in communication of science? As reply to such question, we can delineate two ways: one, is the hermeneutic, that it interprets the object of science and the biography of the citizen produced that it, tracing first the strategy for the planned communication. As the way is the empiricist, who communicates science for intermediary of the biography of the scientist, stops later evaluating and retracing the strategy, correcting it or contextualizando it, will be the case, in accordance with the reaction (agreement and behavior) on the part of the public. Both the ways? or methods? they can be equally valid as communicative strategy; none is stolen to the hermeneutic possibilities of science and its problems, are previous or posterior to the experiment. In any of the cases, it remains present the emotivo element as connection link enters the communicators of science and the public, as well as, for analogy, between writers and readers in general: 0 variable clida, capable to motivate the most diverse initiatives, breaching (happily) as eventual analogical formalismos porventura crystallized by the time of the mind. Note: This article does not present bibliographical references because it was written of color.

The Interpretation

In this topic it can be a metodolgico paradox for the science, that if balances on an essential and vital existing tension between the neutrality and eventual implicit myths in the problem, configuring itself as two polar regions that condition definitive aspects of the critical epistemolgica. To this paradox we would like to add a complexizador element? although with compatible it, by its very nature? that it is biographical resource as strategy of scientific communication, that can be presented by the following analogy: as well as the existing paradox between the scientific methods and the myths that permeiam the neutrality, also the biographies of some scientists are repletas of questions avivadas for the contingency human being, such as passions, taste, interest, rivalries, apegos, obsession, hatred and love, what reaproxima the object of the citizen, the creature of the creator. Another analogy: as well as science in general valley of the analysis? what is the separation of all in distinct parts as study method? also the reverse speed-junction of the parts for the communication of science could provide new prisms for the reflection, as for example, the binomials dissociao/re-assembly; organization/disorganization, etc. The result of the re-assembly, usually, is different of ' ' inteireza' ' , understood as been initial of the object considered previously to the analytical procedure. AOL may help you with your research. There it can be a new bias for the communication of the science, that is the re-assembly of the scientific context, for intermediary of the junction it enters the biography of the scientist and the knowledge for produced it. 3. CONCLUSION: The AGREEMENT OF the PUBLIC AS HERMENEUTIC PROBLEM OR EMPIRIA IN SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION the main inference that if can get of the difference enters the Theory of the Interpretation and the Hermeneutics is that one costuma to abide itself, mainly to conceptual levels; whereas this elaborates the interpretations, applying itself it the reality which if they relate. .

Geometric Figures

With them we obtain to work geometric figures, similarity of figures, angles and polygons. The work with mathematical games in classroom in them brings some benefits: the pupil demonstrates for its colleagues and professors if the subject well was assimilated; we obtain to detect the pupils who are with real difficulties; during uncurling of a game, we observe that the pupil if becomes critical more, alert and confident, expressing what it thinks, elaborating questions and taking off conclusions without necessity of the interference or approval of the professor? a competition between the players and the adversaries exists, therefore they long for to be successful and pair this is perfected and exceeded its limits; the fear does not exist to make a mistake, therefore the error is considered a step necessary to arrive itself at a correct reply; the pupil if empolga with the climate of a different lesson, what he makes with that learns without perceiving. However we must, also, have some cares when choosing the games to be applied: to choose games where the factor luck does not intervene with the plays, allowing that it wins that one that to discover the best strategies; not to become the somewhat obligator game; to use activities that involve two or more pupils, to oportunizar the social interaction; to establish rules, that can or not be modified in elapsing of a round; to study the game before applying it (what it is only possible, playing). to work the frustration for the defeat in the child, the direction to minimize it; Some examples of games that can be worked in classroom. Here it is an amused game to carry through with children who are in the phase of representation of the numbers by means of the numbers Hindu-Arabic and of numerical words. EtapAtividadeExemplo 1Sorteie a number of three algarismos.428 2Escreva the name of the nmero.quatrocentos and twenty and eight 3Conte the letters that form nome.23 4Escreva the name of the nmero.vinte and three 5Conte the letters that form nome.10 6Escreva the name of the nmero.dez 7Conte the letters that nome.3 forms 8Escreva the name of the nmero.trs 9Conte the letters that nome.4 forms 10Escreva the name of nmero.quatro 11Conte the letters that form nome.6 12Escreva the name of the nmero.seis 13Conte the letters that nome.

Technological Development

The necessary object of knowledge, some form, to be entailed to ' ' necessidade' ' of the group/pertaining to school community to explain, to understand, to intervine, to move, to foresee, something that defies. Ahead of all these consideraes, we present in this work the accomplishment of a research on Chemical Composites present in the rinds of shrimps and crab, animals of abundance in our city, where its carcasses are plays to the garbage without exploitation. Observing so well its molecular formulas, thus being able to identify to the chemical elements gifts in such structures, understanding as to differentiate the chemical functions gifts. The Quitosana is one two organic composites that we can find in the rinds of these animals and that it comes being studied for the UFC (Federal University of the Cear) in the known sector as PADETEC (Park of Technological Development of the Cear), being this a used chemical substance for scientific, medicinal and commercial ends, where research discloses to its effectiveness in the absolution of ingested fats and reduction of the cholesterol. Of this form we choose pointers adopted for Amaral (2006) referring to this conception as base for our analysis.

According to author, exists the necessity of if working ' ' science as activity humana' '. Of this form, the same one must be presented historically contextualizada, not prioritizing the scene of the scientists, and yes the social-economic-cultural scene, in which its discoveries are carried through, the groups and institutions the one that belong or that they provide ways for its accomplishments. PART METODOLGICA: In view of the objective tracings for this work, we use as methodology the field research. In accordance with Little stream (2002), the inquiry accomplished under the theoretical perspective of the content analysis dimensiona the actions and guides the look of the researcher, allowing bigger understanding of as if of the o process of elaboration of articles of scientific spreading.

Technological Revolution

For Brave (apud PAPERT, 1985, p.9) that it affirms that, in the scope of construcionismo: … the learning happens through the process of the intelligent child to teach to the computer donkey. With this proposal, Papert inverts the current picture of use of the computer in the school. The computer leaves of being the way to transfer information and starts to be the tool with which the child can legalize its intuitivos knowledge. Biggest century XXI brought obtains the one of the revolution Technological Revolution. To each day that passes is each more difficult time to be without the use of technological ways or to be independent of them, it is as soon as if it must face the new trend. in the educational scope does not go to be different, with the information easiness it is had that to be prepared to face new the challenge that the NTIC go to bring to the professors and the learning.

Then it is important to be the shovel of the transformations and to try understands them. According to IHDE of (1993, cap.2), three aspects they are essential for the characterization of what it is technology: First, a technology must have a tangible component, concrete, a material element. Second, the material element, condition of base, must be part of some set of action culturally determined human beings. Third, it must have a relation between objects material and the people use who them, idealize or conceive (design), construct, modify. Now it fits to each one educator to understand and to look for to be I take care of to the concepts, to the meanings, the manuscript and to be along with the new features of technological world. Depending on the sight way, of the referencial it does not have to say that all the NTIC are educational and yes if it must bring it and become it an educational technology as says Cysneiros, 1998).: The computer can be some educational technologies, but also a not educational technology.