Investment in the development and printing of letterhead from more than compensated by the acquired image of a solid, solid company. Difficult overestimate the importance of letterhead, in conjunction with business cards, envelopes and other office printing products – they not only increase the company’s image, but also contribute to your business success through greater recognition of your corporate identity. Letterhead, made by experts, will invariably stand out among many other papers, highlighting and emphasizing the solidity and reliability of your company. Self-copy forms are used in many organizations: in restaurants and pawn shops, insurance companies and travel agencies. A huge number of different accounts, receipts, tickets secured, contracts – it is just self-copying forms. Self-copying forms save you time and free you from repetitive work. Representing several sheets glued on the edges of the paper-backed coated, such forms do not require get your hands dirty carbon paper. Special adhesive holds together well the individual layers of forms and at the same time, it allows relatively easy to separate the sheets after their completion.

Now self-copying forms are produced most a variety of formats, sizes and colors (white, yellow, green, blue and pink), consisting of two or more layers, produce numbered forms, perforation. The principle of self-copying forms is as follows: top sheet on the reverse side contains a layer of microcapsules. The average list contains the face of the layer with kaolin to fix the dye on the back – a layer of coloring microcapsules. Last sheet contains a layer on the front side with kaolin to fix the dye. You can use both upper and lower layer and intermediate layers of any color. Under pressure with a letter opened by the microcapsules and liberated fluid gets to the next sheet, where the absorbent layer absorbs the liquid and painted, creating a copy. Carbonless paper is designed for hand writing, as well as to print using typewriter typewriter or dot matrix printer. In case of need enumeration forms, digit to seven digits.

Printing self-copying forms will be of interest to firms that use in their work receipts, steward accounts, account – invoices, travel vouchers, invoices, bills of lading, insurance policies, receipts, forms, requiring duplication, receipts, tickets, badges, etc., self-copying forms have been widely application in automotive service centers, gaming clubs and casinos, cafes and restaurants, hotels and hotels, travel agencies, in beauty salons. Self-copy form enables accurate account of services rendered, issued / received money, etc. To control the possible use of the forms with the numbering, as each layer and form a whole. If previously you had to use carbon paper, then you will appreciate the convenience self-copying forms.