Therefore true democracy rests on what is public use for all; and not on what is for personal use for a few. Privatization does not have their support in true democracy, but in the real plutocracy. Because if the private is best in human quality that the public is because humans is considered more for power and money, than by the own needs of their human condition. Itself the power and the money always has done, makes and will make any society, a plutocratic system of bureaucracy. Now there is that ask yourself why. If the human being is always characterized by something is by its ambition. This is the most deeply-rooted instinct of nature that always drives him in the unification of their society to construct, but also entails the independence of their antisocial liberties to destroy by this same ambition that socially in solidarity together wills and efforts, drives him in the competitive fervor of the ambitions of his instincts, to evolve on the already established to conserve and make progress in the integration of their survival in the social system.

The oppression exerted competitive ambition in the comprehensive requirement of the social system, leads to deep antisocial feelings. Therefore the human being feels obligated to impose a law that respects mutual coexistence in the joint integration of the independences of rights to their freedoms. The purpose of the imposition of a plan of constitutional law in the legislation of the democratic social system, requires representatives trained to carry it out; and these representatives are the State officials that their functions manage those public authorities that are supported in the joint sovereignty of the people. For the ordering of a democratic social system it is always necessary that there is a hierarchy that is representative of the people in the distribution of public authorities. If not, the joint sovereignty of the people suffers the breakdown of cohesion individually and independently of those antisocial freedoms than in the struggle between competitive ambitions of human instinct, it would involve supporting the sovereignty of the people in sovereign anarchy by the absolute manifestation of independence autonomy of the individual, in the non-integral vindication of the indeterminacy of their human rights.