Today computers (daily use to complex electrical appliances), work mostly with electric power, or poorly called electricity, that’s important to know about the quality of energy and this can suffer various changes or failures. A simple definition of power quality problem, would be to say that it is any deviations of voltage, current or frequency that leads to a failure of the equipment. Electric power can as mentioned to be altered, in addition to that it is very important to take into consideration that there are certain teams that need a certain amount of energy and is not the same for all, if we connect you to the normal frequency flowing through circuit breakers from our home simply does not work in the best of cases, going through severe and sometimes irreparable damageThere are several tools on the market to determine and carry out tests of this kind, which I intend to mention today is a primary injection equipment, which is of vital importance for those operators of certain machines that they require high power sources. Viacom spoke with conviction. But let’s not moving away from the topic and continue talking about the quality of energy, if you’re one of those people interested in the subject, I take freedom of recommend a book called quality of energy, Barry Kennedy, which gives us valuable information about the different types of power quality problems. Now, there are many causes for the power quality is affected and this vary very extensively, but the most common are that relate to electrical apparatus and which occur in electric supply company. As last comment could mention that there are cases where problems originate from a computer but can manifest itself in another adjacent and it is that they can be transported by the system of the company, although it is clear not more frequent, the most sensible thing always shall consult a professional quality of energy for their assistance in defining the cause and the possible solution to the problem..