In the version with wooden walls insulation method developed in some detail (see Appendix, Figure 17, node A), with brick – no. My mistake. I'll try to fix it. The construction of the wall insulation in a half-brick accept the following: cover its inner side in a single layer waterproofing roll (roofing, asphalt, and even tar paper, however, it is rare these days) to protect the insulation from moisture. A brick wall in a half-brick exterior for passage of moisture inside – a small obstacle. Then, surf boards for waterproofing the wooden frame thickness equal to the thickness of the insulation – 6 cm, and put between the uprights frame heater. Then again comes from roofing insulation or glassine (also in a single layer), which is a good idea to put on top of old films.

Not so much from dampness, as from any of slag dust gadostnoy – or steklouteplitelya. And for her to sew skeleton inch single board 25 mm thick. As it will finish: canvas or 4 – 5 layers of newspaper and wallpaper. Read more here: Robert Bakish. Rack frame are fixed to a brick wall with wooden plugs. To do this, when laying the brick pillars in them lay the same wooden plugs, as well as for the wooden walls. In the process of laying themselves at the walls of the wooden plugs are inserted sutures 1 cm in diameter, or slightly more, better raw, freshly out of twigs.

It is desirable that the ends of a pair of probochek cm protruded from the brickwork. So then they will be easier to pull. Themselves try to arrange Cork strictly vertical, 4 or 5 pieces for height, and two rows of bricks between adjacent columns, thereby separating the distance between them in three roughly equal parts. After the solution has good grip, that is, the same 10 – 12 days established in the masonry plugs should be placed. They podsohnuv, pulled out easily. In their place to score a new, slightly larger in diameter than the resulting hole to score with an effort. The part that is not clogged, cut off flush with the wall. But, most importantly, new plugs should be made of the maximum dry tree. This does not allow them to crack and loosen fasteners frame. Then, within the Cork drive a nail length 40-50 mm, but not deep, so they stuck to two-thirds of probochek. Similarly, drive a nail into the cork pillars. At waterproofing, they will pass through it, and thereby indicate where you want to nail the boards frame and insulation will keep the roll bars to nailing the frame. Once will nail the boards, previously, of course, pulled out probochek nails, lay insulation, a second layer of insulation, foil, board, canvas, wallpaper. Warming of the basement ceiling and its construction is strictly for the project and carefully. It's a warming hut-floor bath. Temporary roof also try to do without derogation from the project. Its rafters are located so as not to interfere with installing studs-bath house with a further construction, you kbgda will live in the basement. Now let's count the need for the necessary materials for the construction of your generic hozbloka (house-barn-bath) separately – to the basement with a temporary roof and nadtsokolnoy part, to know what materials and how much you must take arhisrochno, and with what you can and wait a little.