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There are many options for building a template for the site in php. But in my opinion the most useful of them is a variant of a template, which serves only as a transit point to different pages and Scripts site, which after vyponeniya in finished form already displayed in the browser the last team of the same template. Below are presented a variant of this template. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi. Agree in advance that the very static pattern we have broken into parts, such as top.html, body.html, bottom.htm (although in principle it is quite possible and not to do) and in the right places his pieces bear the names of variables enclosed in%%, which will change its contents from Page page meta description page output ‘); $ text = file_get_contents (‘ here the way to the most html page ‘); $ titlepage =’ Page Title ‘/ / function to move and replace the lines in parts of the template on the contents of variables to function repl ($ path ) / / definition of global variables global $ title, $ meta, $ titlepage, $ text; / / read file into a string in the variable $ temp $ temp = file_get_contents ($ path); / / moving parts in the string is loaded into $ temp $ temp = str_replace (‘ % title% ‘, $ title, $ temp); $ temp = str_replace (‘% meta% ‘, $ meta, $ temp); $ temp = str_replace (‘% titlepage% ‘, $ titlepage, $ temp); $ temp = str_replace (‘% text%’, $ text, $ temp); / / output the string contained in the amended Directory of php in order to more deeply understand the essence of the subsequent text. Script works is simple. First, it loads by using the file_get_contents () in the variables as strings Tittle content, pages, meta descriptions site. For assistance, try visiting Castle Harlan.

Then already started working our newly formed function repl (), which consistently performs the loading operation in the variable $ temp parts of our template top.html, body.html, bottom.html, (all the same function file_get_contents () function in the repl ()) and then using the str_replace () moves the contents of variables that already contains the page, meta description, to place prisoners in the%% and then it all displays operator echo ().

English System

CAP – a system of automatic promotion. Just want to warn you that in this article, I'm not going to agitate someone to enter into such systems, and simply tell their stories, and the principle of the situation at the present time. It concept (CAP) was created almost at the dawn you'll ever need, when some enterprising people in the western image and likeness have set up special services offered to help roll out its own site, and even money earn. As time went on, the number of Internet users has grown and gained momentum these services. Their popularity is likely to be caused by the fact that the alternatives for webmasters and regular users were not.

The most serious sponsors and brokers that really could get at least some results have been focused on the west, ie allowed to participate only English-language resources. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. The principle of operation of virtually all of ATS has been and remains same. Each user is asked to register again under the control of the system to visit other people's sites. During a visit to one site is charged 1 point. Accumulated points can either sell, or to spend on promotion of its own site, ie accumulated 1,000 points you can bring to their own site visitors in 1000. Ie how many times you come across other people's sites, the same will have to go to your course, minus the commission system. Selling points has been and still is not very profitable. For 1,000 points you can gain from 0.5 to 2 dollars.

Earn Money

If you still planning on starting to make money online with a blog, but you do not know HTML, do not worry, it is not vitally important to start, but as soon as fences advancing veras as you it is necessary to master HTML and others as language php, etc. But take it easy is no longer so urgent that with existing systems to create blogs, dominate those things, in fact create your blog, create content, publish it, deploy adsense, and maintain it, are so easy to how to create a document in Word.Pero not everything is as simple, as they forced to go learning technical things to know depth and get more out to the internetSo you know, I recommend you start with HTML the how you will find many tutorials and manuals on google. (at the same time, something that will serve much, is knowing English (free English) since all of the words in html are abbreviations of English words), then you can continue with php which is a programming language with which you can do many more advanced things to earn money on the internet.AND If you wonder that is me, because I’m not going to lie, I am just learning HTML and java, and I’m already seeing the enormous advantages that I will bring when domine them, apart from that I’ve seen in successful blogs as they implement things that you can only dominate more advanced things like programming languages and HTML.Luck and encourage you to get ahead.. .

Features Of The New Google Plus

The result of the new design of Google + is spectacular. Flexible and configurable interface almost at 100%, you can read the official announcement of the new Google + on its official blog.If you’re one of the more than 170 million people who have a Google account, you’re then interested continue reading. For those who do not they know well what is Google +, I’ll start doing a quick summary of Google +, because the truth is that there are still users with active account that does not use it because they simply don’t know they have it. Google + all-in-one in the last months there has been an increase of Google + users, and not necessarily by direct subscription. The update of the privacy policy of Google says that, form mandatory, all Google services are integrated into a single account. This means that Gmail, YouTube, Documents, Maps, Calendar, Blogger, Reader and of course Google +, in addition to a long list of applications have been affected. In short, all accounts that you have associated with your Gmail email, in any of the Google’s service have been unified and have received a Google account +, therefore this account is considered to be an active user of Google +.

Where other services are controlled. I don’t know if you have been clearer than before, but it is better to go for practical examples. Google + attractive and simple according to Google, this is the motto which describes the new Google +. If still you haven’t seen the video presentation, here you have it, it is not in Spanish but nor say anything that cannot be seen, in addition I will analyze it step by step: according to Google think that you’ll find it much easier to use and attractive view, but more importantly, you’re going to help accelerate our efforts to create a more beautiful and simple Google.


And (working with specific personal or operational techniques, as stated in the assessment phase. Highlight techniques and coaching interventions are adapted and applied to increase performance at work and contribute to its objectives). Do how long each session will last? ___ how many sessions will be required? _ will recommend additional work? (e.g., self-control, tasks, and various exercises to facilitate the Feedback in the following sessions of) coaching). Do do _ will be confidential sessions? _ relationship of rules of confidentiality that must be respected carried reports written about the coach? (do e.g., the coachee will oversee any report that compose the coach for senior management?) _ Once established needs of the coaching of the individual or organization, the next step to be addressed by the external coach is to submit a proposal for services to senior management, trying to make it as soon as possible after the initial meeting and enclosing an additional note showing the date of beginning of the coaching intervention. The proposal should be brief and include the following information: background.

Succinctly describe the circumstances justifying the proposal, such as, for example, who has made the initial contact, when has led to Cape, who was present at the first meeting with the senior management, etc. Identified needs. If the proposal is for a coaching program that will affect large sections of the Organization, will take place a brief description of the needs of coaching throughout the Organization on the basis of the conclusions of the needs analysis of coaching and the meeting with senior management. Also, identify the groups or individuals designated by senior management to participate in the sessions, as well as specific coaching needs. The proposal is for a few individuals, should focus exclusively on their previously identified needs. Coaching program. Outline the program, i.e., the number of sessions to perform and the general content of the same, as for example, evaluation, analysis of values, setting goals, planning actions, etc.

Selected Plugins

Very, very much written for WordPress plugin. All of them do not try. But there is a necessary plug-ins, there are those who bring comfort, speed, etc. Here I present a selection of plug-ins, with whom I work. Hope this helps someone or at least make life easier in terms of creating a blog. All plug-ins installed in the standard way, then there is a folder with the plugin is copied to a directory with all your plug-in is activated in the admin panel, and then if need be configured through the menu. So go … sh-autolink plugin With this plugin you can do this.

You, for example, it is necessary that certain words in any text of your site has been exposed definite link. That is, for example the word "site" wherever it occurs, you will link to your own website or any other reference. Very conducive to relink the site, its pages, which makes it a plus for indexed pages in search engines and their rankings, respectively. You can download it here. Plugin wp-columnes This plugin is designed to create on your site beautiful pieces in the form of tag clouds, links, headings, or anything you can imagine there wish. Sets the size of the cloud, color, clarity.

Where a lot of use. You can download it here. Addzakl Plugin This plugin is designed to quickly add users to any page in the system of social bookmarking. For that they need to be registered on any relevant site or make it as we go. Download the plugin here. Plugin keywordes. This plugin is remarkable in that he at the transition site visitors from search engines stores the search query. And when these will be typed five pieces or more, gives them at the end of the post. So this is another plus for higher positions in search engines page. You can download it here. Plug-article-directory. If you have sayte many articles, it is a plugin for you. It helps you to split and sort your articles by category and display them beautifully in a menu on your sayte. The type and size of the menu is configured via the admin panel. You can download it here. Sayty plugin to work with a network of social news This is another good way to monetize traffic, plus a site promotion. More information can be found here. The plugin download it here.