And (working with specific personal or operational techniques, as stated in the assessment phase. Highlight techniques and coaching interventions are adapted and applied to increase performance at work and contribute to its objectives). Do how long each session will last? ___ how many sessions will be required? _ will recommend additional work? (e.g., self-control, tasks, and various exercises to facilitate the Feedback in the following sessions of) coaching). Do do _ will be confidential sessions? _ relationship of rules of confidentiality that must be respected carried reports written about the coach? (do e.g., the coachee will oversee any report that compose the coach for senior management?) _ Once established needs of the coaching of the individual or organization, the next step to be addressed by the external coach is to submit a proposal for services to senior management, trying to make it as soon as possible after the initial meeting and enclosing an additional note showing the date of beginning of the coaching intervention. The proposal should be brief and include the following information: background.

Succinctly describe the circumstances justifying the proposal, such as, for example, who has made the initial contact, when has led to Cape, who was present at the first meeting with the senior management, etc. Identified needs. If the proposal is for a coaching program that will affect large sections of the Organization, will take place a brief description of the needs of coaching throughout the Organization on the basis of the conclusions of the needs analysis of coaching and the meeting with senior management. Also, identify the groups or individuals designated by senior management to participate in the sessions, as well as specific coaching needs. The proposal is for a few individuals, should focus exclusively on their previously identified needs. Coaching program. Outline the program, i.e., the number of sessions to perform and the general content of the same, as for example, evaluation, analysis of values, setting goals, planning actions, etc.