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Musculoskeletal System

With a variety of natural therapeutic factors (uglekislovodorodnye and radon baths, mud, etc.), Pyatigorsk, gained fame as one of the best resorts for the treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Even in the prewar period in sanatoria and health resorts as Pyatigorsk Kislovodsk health centers and clinics and balneology institution studied the effect of balneotherapy at disease of the joints. Much attention was paid to the effectiveness of spa therapy in diseases of the musculoskeletal system among workers in various industries. It was shown that radon and sulfide bath to give good results with joint diseases, especially in combination with measured load physiotherapy. In 1933 in Pyatigorsk clinic was organized by the neurological department. Under the guidance of Professor S. Petelin studied the effect of radon baths and uglekisloserovodorodnyh for a neuroinfection and effective methods of spa treatment poliradikulovnerita, poyanichno, sciatica, and polio. In connection with the discovery of highly concentrated radon waters in Pyatigorsk in the mid-sixties began to study their therapeutic action.

It turned out that this method is very effective in alfaterapii sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis and several other diseases. In the same period in the Pyatigorsk Institute clinic for the first time the country had begun to study the effects of spa treatment of encephalitis, arachnoiditis, encephalomyelitis and diencephalic syndrome. Further development of the resort development was marked by neurological problems treating degenerative diseases of the spine. In particular, the proposed new effective methods balneogryazelecheniya discogenic sciatica, using physical therapy facilities. At the same time fully justified resort complex treatment of patients with Brucella lesions of joints, and then with infectious nonspecific (rheumatoid) arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis in Pyatigorsk. Differentiated therapies include uglekisloserovodorodnye, radon baths in combination with physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises. Much attention spa treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system using highly concentrated radon waters Beshtaugorsky newly discovered deposit, paid at the Pyatigorsk health resort. It is of great practical importance to physicians spa facilities. In 1972, Pyatigorsk commissioned fully equipped clinic radon, which introduced new types of radon – suhovozdushnye and four-bath, the vertical extension of the spine in radon water, intestinal procedures, and others. Developed and put into practice methods of using the differentiated radon baths of various concentrations in rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar osteochondrosis and ankylosing spondylitis, vibration disease, gynecological and other diseases.

Independent Communities

The austerity consists, according to our politicians, in tightening the belt of the others. For that reason, the first cuts of Rodriguez Zapatero have come to congeal the pensions, to reduce the wage of the civil servants, to reduce the pharmaceutical cost and to trim benefits of the Law of Dependency. Then, to clean up the task this is in bullfighting terms the high positions of the Administration also have lowered the pay. " That reduction of national debt is very bien" , their European colleagues to our economic vice-president, Elena Salgado, &quot have said to him; but to the 11,000 million saving ms&quot is necessary to add other 8,000;. From where to remove them: of the Independent Communities and the City councils.

The numbers do not deceive. Of to be certain the cut that it is about to see, to the Valencian Community would correspond about 550 million to him. In a shining game of prestidigitacin, Gerald Camps announced that he would gather up 305 million of the budgets of 2010 by diverse concepts. He is credible the promise? At least, it is from difficult fulfillment in a Consell that during the first trimester of this year has increased its debt a 16.2 percent, until arriving at 15.1% of the GIP, and that considers secrets numerous expenses public, including the received thing of CACSA by Santiago Calatrava. Then, at least on the paper, the accounts always finish squaring thanks to capable countable artifices that the Sindicatura de Cuentas does not question. In this cruel world, no supervise organism puts in doubt nothing don’t mention it. Thus the deficits of Greece and Hungary could be camouflaged, just like Arthur Andersen said that Enron went like a motorcycle days before its bankruptcy and that Price Waterhouse gave by good the balance of Banesto the same eve of its intervention by the Bank of Spain.