Ability to listen, oddly enough, is a major component of the communication process. A man who knows how to listen carefully to the interlocutor, not just passively accept what he was saying, but just as actively as speaker, the process generates a call. However, many of us do not really know how to listen! Usually, people care more about what they want to say what the words of the interlocutor. But when you are dealing with a client, he must feel that he is important to you. It is considered that in the process of selling it speaks in control. In fact all quite the opposite.

If you really listen to the speaker, you are giving very, very big impact on the communication process. Good seller in conversation with the client listens primarily to the emotions rather than facts. When in a conversation you listen to the facts, you hear only 20% of what people really wanted to tell you. When you pay attention to the emotions become apparent the remaining 80%. Unfortunately, most people do not listen to the interlocutor. They continue and keep talking.

Listen carefully to the interlocutor – employment is not easy. People think (and, therefore, perceives the information) is 12 times faster than said. Therefore, focus on what we are told, Instead of thinking about something extraneous, requires some effort. Some people were forced to assuming the role of the listener feel uncomfortable or even frightened. They feel an irresistible need to speak. If you do not can suppress this need, which means you can not control the conversation, focus on your interlocutor. Many people can not concentrate at all if in the process of communication they are not allowed to speak. They constantly distracted and therefore can neither play, nor, especially, to analyze just heard. The mere fact that you’re listening to a man, makes him feel self-respect and sincere interest. For any person to respect his personality and willingness to listen to all his problems and desires are very important. After listening to a man, you know all the motives that drive this man and already under these motifs can something to offer. It makes no sense to tell the person about how you can earn big money if he is now very sick child, or had recently stolen his favorite car in which he traveled for 20 years. Listen to him, find a common theme and talk about it. After a while your partner will ask: ‘So you want to offer me? ” or “Where to sign?” Apply this principle into practice and you will have super mlm business and many new partners!