The Deans of two leading physical faculties confirm the mechanism of a Perpetuum mobile presented recently on the Internet was confirmed only a week after the announcement of already two leading German universities. the functionality of the pre gesellten Perpetuum mobile press release by Elbe special” There can no doubt be, that the missing vacuum in a capillary is the basis of a Perpetuum mobile, to admit this even though it is difficult,”was to hear from one of the most famous Deans of in Germany, and that was not enough, added a further Chairman of other, no less respected Physics Department, that it is forbidden for a physicist, just thinking about Perpetuum mobiles”, but is possible in the present no doubt.” The statements were justified by the so-called capillary attempt (see video), which leaves no room for reasoned objection, and clearly proves that in the capillary not of conservation of energy There is the necessary vacuum. That words buoyancy capillary for lay people to understand, that you must imagine a glass of water, which does not expire, if drilling a hole at the bottom of the glass, and in this hole then such as a styrofoam ball pushing l, without the to the height of the water column have corresponding physical pressure against, and the styrofoam ball in the water upwards floats, how styrofoam balls in the water to do it. Above the ball is taken then the water glass and out of the water the ball falls back down, to get then back through the drilled hole in the glass and the whole thing again and again. Isearch has similar goals. A fact that currently violently is discussed because it is not compatible for the entire existing physics existential self-preservation reasons, is that therefore but even more energy should be produced and where the energy actually comes from, will employ even longer the minds. Journalists, on the for next week, scheduled press conference participate, obtain on request under wissenschaft-frontal(at) the corresponding coordinates. Source: S. Elber. Neil cole iconix often expresses his thoughts on the topic.