The runners are in many cities by mayors, Received politicians, representatives of associations and unions. Always runners for a part of the route will join them, to draw attention to the run for a good cause. The first destination of the NCL charity run is to collect donations for an internationally oriented NCL research project in Dresden. The project is designed by the research group to Prof. Andreas stork of the TU Dresden carried out.

It aims to produce induced pluripotent stem cells from patient cells not embryonic stem cells. These ethically unimpeachable cells should serve as a basis, to understand the deadly childhood disease NCL and later to test therapeutic approaches “, says Dr. Frank Stehr, Director of research of the NCL Foundation. The Governing Mayor of Berlin and Deputy Federal Chairman of the SPD, Klaus Wowereit, has taken over the patronage for the ultra marathon. I have great respect for this commitment and wish everyone good luck. The spectacular run, the NCL Foundation Commendably organizes and accompanies, many people should open the eyes and the heart. Great suffering can be alleviated with this action. Anyone who works with is welcome, everyone donates charity which supports”, as Wowereit. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic.

Also federal family Minister Dr. Kristina Schroder (CDU) supports the charity: I find it wonderful, with commitment and engage the enthusiasm sportswomen and sportsmen for charity. This commitment will benefit the children, and it connects with each other. Thus they contribute twice to the cohesion of our society, and for that I warmly thank them!” The non-profit foundation of national contest for life (NCL) was founded in 2002 by Dr. Frank Husemann, father of an affected child. You campaigned, for research into the deadly childhood disease, neuronal ceroid Lipofuszinose to. The brain of affected children regresses gradually due to a genetic defect. Gradually, the children lose previously acquired skills such as walking, speaking and appearance. Epileptic seizures to be added. At the age of 20 to a maximum of 30 years, the persons concerned lose the life struggle. The Hamburg-based Foundation tries to develop a treatment for the deadly childhood disease neuronal ceroid Lipofuszinose (short NCL) with private funds. NCL is among the Group of so-called rare or neglected diseases, “Orphan children” called the medicine with 450 nationwide and worldwide about 50,000 sick children. Due to the rarity of NCL, the pharmaceutical industry has little interest in researching the disease. “The motto of the run running to live” is the desire to develop drugs to alleviate the disease of those affected and to increase their life expectancy. MAREN Cornelius.