Increasingly, companies that decide to bet on include social media in their marketing strategy. Nowadays social networks have evolved and offer possibilities which might seem unexpected a few years ago, for example, has included a store on Facebook where you can sell products and services that the company you want to. In principle, considered social networks as a way to react with friends, recover contacts from childhood, make groups with certain things in common, etc. Social networks gained strength and followers, it was then, when the companies saw an opportunity to give or get to know your products or services. Networks offer all the services of online marketing, among the main reasons that can lead to a company participating in these sites, highlights: 1. 30% of the world’s population is them.

2 We will arrive to more people which we could reach through other channels. 3. The strategy to follow is easy and economical. 4 Has a great range: 5. controls the online reputation of the brand.

Before you create a store on Facebook must be taken into account several points: the most important and the first we must ask ourselves is what give reasons for purchase. Not enough with the feeling of belonging. The user is a fan of the page, but needs unique and personalized excuses that will encourage you to purchase. We must be present, which is very possible, that the user comes from another of our channels, i.e., that it comes from the online store or the website of the company and that jump from one to another. For this reason, it is essential to create synergies between all channels and connect them through appeals and offers from one channel to another. Must not forget about the scope of the social network, take into account the user’s friends network that follows us or us purchase, that this user recommend our products or services to their friends-fans, because they will become the main prescribers of the brand. The best way to sell, both through the store on facebook, how in other internet media, is that our clients we recommend to your network of contacts, to do so, must take good care and control the online reputation of the brand, since a simple negative comment can make us throw overboard all the work done.