The important thing is to be aware of the way to know where it leads “” The strategy has nothing to do with the purpose or designed to achieve “3 – Strategy in Organizations: An organization is engaged in a particular strategy, although the destination unknown” “When you alter the current strategy, which aims to change is the way to achieve a particular objective; objective is usually different from that reached if I did not change “It is in this context that one must understand the process of making” strategic decisions “and” strategic behavior. Pete Cashmore understands that this is vital information. ” It is a process of changing the current path to another that leads to a different target. Now, on a voluntary basis for this exchange rate of road that must be taken into account? Actually the answer is simple: 1) We should know the conditions under 2) We should know the different options or paths 3) We should know the objective to be achieved. Apparently, the point would be easier to decide the target. Then it should be easy to decide or set different or alternative ways to achieve it.

And order, which apparently would be more difficult to establish exactly the starting position. However, in reality we are entering a circuit or endless chain, because it is absolutely impossible to know exactly the initial conditions. 1) Determined Goal 2) Selected the way 3) Given initial conditions as: 1) The initial conditions were wrong 2) The path taken is another 3) The final destination changes. .