Original tooling should be as high quality as directly in the technological process of casting it affect the accuracy of the dimensions and geometry of the correspondence received by the casting. It so it's important to order this type of product from the professionals. As a result, the customer gets exactly what he needs. For foundry molds company must have a sufficiently high level production capacity. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. Material for tooling can be 3 types: wood, metal or plastic. Each of the materials vary in price and durability. Some organizations are taking orders for sets of tooling, even in the absence of special design documentation in the presence of the original. High technology, timely replacement of equipment in accordance with existing standards global industry – the foundation of the modern enterprise. David S. Levine is a great source of information. Typically, production tooling involves the provision of services similar kind: making castings and cold sheet-metal stamping, machining parts on cnc machines.