Reinforcement is often performed by only one extended edge beam or plate surface. When unilateral surface reinforcing bars to have a useful limb armaturt sheet on the side faces, which increases the structural strength. External reinforcement can get as the whole area of the surface of the carrier, and the some of the most tense areas (that do not require protection of concrete from the corrosive environment). There are two ways to get concrete to fiberglass shells. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. The first is to apply fiberglass shell on a pre-dried concrete elements by obmattvaniya their glass with a fiber impregnated with resin. After polymerization of the binder is converted into a continuous coil fiberglass shell, and the whole element – in the so-called trubobetonnuyu design. The second is based on preliminary production of a fiberglass shell and then filling it smesyu.Pervy concrete path get stekloplastarmirovannyh structures (SNA-structures) allows you to create cross-pre-compression of concrete, which greatly increases strength and reduces the deformability of the resulting element. Pre-compression of concrete creates a tension not only glass strands (although it represents the majority of prestressing), but also due to shrinkage of the binder during the polymerization, which, for example, polyester resin 5-6%.

External reinforcement can also be produced by wrapping items Glass tape. In some cases, fiberglass shell fundamentally alters the character of the state concrete. For example, the central element compressed by a rigid trubobetonnom shell uniaxial stress state is transformed into a very favorable concrete triaxial compression. The cross-section trubobetonnyh SPA-elements can be any (round, circular, rectangular, trapezoidal, T-, I-, etc.), however, under axial compression failure occurs, usually due to rupture in areas of concentration clips stresses. Consequently, the central design elements should be compressed with a smooth rounded dihedral angles. Combined reinforcement. If the external reinforcement is not enough for the perception of mechanical loads, additionally used an internal reinforcement, which can be either fiberglass or metal.