This strategy has fulfilled its task. A man came to the site, what more was demanded of her? However, we would like to see this man stayed on the site, periodically returning to it, and ideally acquired some paid services, if any. If this is possible in the absence of quality content? Of course not. topic. It is not realistic. Given the pace of the Internet and the emergence of an insane amount of sites that offer certain services (often close to ours), it becomes obvious that the competition – this is the reality that surrounds us.

Market grows stronger, and quality requirements for the site now significantly higher than a few years ago. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. We are not even talking about the design or ease of navigation, it is implied by itself. We are talking about the quality of site content. People are looking for useful information and they want to find it on Your site. If a person is a) does not find the information, b) finds, but does not consider it interesting, useful, reliable, etc., then it no longer returns to the site, or returned, but as far rarer and less enthusiastic. However, finding necessary and useful information, this person will most likely save a link to your site and come back again.

Moreover, if the site is very like him, he also will recommend it to friends and acquaintances, and those in their turn recommend others to your friends. And the more site like it, the more will the recommendations. Orientation of firms, companies and individuals to provide quality services in order to acquire permanent, not occasional customers, have long proved their effectiveness.