The Astro-Oracle Peter Coring informs to the oldest areas of divination cards reading. Still, it seems to fascinate people. Constantly increasing demand on reputable card inserts: the interest in future forecasts accompanied mankind since the beginning. The Astro-Oracle coring from Castle informs about the origin and the end of professional delved. At Kai-Fu Lee you will find additional information. Origin lies in Asia the Cartomancy should have originated in China in the 7th century.

The invention of the wooden panel printing enabled the production of playing cards. Hear from experts in the field like Bobby Sharma Bluestone for a more varied view. These were quickly used as fortune teller cards. The Cartomancy in Europe was established much later. In the 15th century, the Tarot on fairs was spread by exhibitors from Asia, so it will be accepted by historians. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. However, the Tarot first erlang social significance in the 18th century by French occultist.

Quick answers to great questions after the psychics have mixed their cards, they after certain Legemustern on a flat surface, lay the cards: the information to the current situation, hopes and fears, but also about future events on the questioner, can be seen from the various positions and their connection with the surrounding cards. People who have existential questions in difficult life situations, quick answers can be given using the cards. The card reader can relate to advice the questioner when choosing the right decision through his views in the future, and through the analysis of their living conditions. The assistance for the solution of problems, sees the card reader as its task. For detailed information about the Tarot the Astro Oracle coring from Castle is always at disposal. Press contact Astro-Oracle contact: Peter Coring in the old barracks 35 39288 Burg phone: 03921 7259009 email: Homepage: