Ademais, is possible an analogy also in these aspects occurred in the romance with the ones that they could occur of equal ratio, in our reality, case the possibility of the death of the individuals was not a reality ours and not of those personages of the narrative. I imagine that the relevance of the subject ' ' ironia' ' in this romance, it is an attempt to provoke and at the same time to play with the thought of the reader. Calling this reader to ponder on facts that, although fictitious, can be imagined in our reality, it is enough to think about the advance of science in relation to the freezing of fabrics and embryos human beings, cells genetic trunk and other materials to detect illnesses and to discover forms to improve and ' ' prolongar' ' the life human being. This induces our imagination to think about a possibility, despite remote that science, perhaps, is walking for the possibility of the longevity human being. If the science opposes not to say it, can imagine as would be tragic it humanity not to die? The death is daily subject in all the medias. Every day it has people dying in the most diverse forms, this, of certain form, is a species of maintenance of the considered population balance enters the amount of that they are born versus the amount of that they die. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Asaro . To die is so habitual how much to be born, despite let us not support pain and the homesickness, for the loss of those to who we love. However, the death, when directly it does not reach we, costuma to pass unobserved of the majority. This, because a habit between the livings creature became. Therefore considering that ' ' To live is to be mortal' ' we do not imagine what it would happen if nobody died.