If my grandfather infamous it reds in the civil war, it is that I hate the reds, but if that belief pass through the sieve of my critical current, I realize, that became savagery on both sides and that I must not generalize. In this case I rectificare my belief. Another example is of that man I had the belief that we must never put your hand over a child, arguing that when he was small and was misbehaving, was enough a look from his father to make him tremble. He concluded by saying that he was very proud of the father, because he never beat him. That man, he was given the information that sometimes, these looks could make the child to think, that when his father wasn’t able to support yourself, you could reach even to kill him. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge.

It is much better for the psyche of a child, have the experience of how a parent can lose papers and then apologizing for it. In this case, this man scientifically enriched his belief, if it gave account that his attitude was very sadistic, and would his son a slap not leave him any indelible. By the foregoing and to summarize, deduce that each of us are depositaries of a map. Map, which contains family beliefs and ideology and with which we need to move us through life. By way of analogy, we know that a road map is the representation symbolic of the same, but it is not the road itself. However, the majority of humans believe that your map is the territory or what is the same: what I see through my glass is the reality.

As I say to my patients: If your map is 16th century will not have how to find calle Ayala. My job, as psychiatrist and psychotherapist is to update maps. A derivative of everything said, is that when two people do not share the same perspective, communication fails and if communication fails, always wickedness or folly is allocated each other. Let’s look at this with an example. Imagine for a moment that these sitting / a on a table in front of me and between the two there is an ashtray. Did I tell you: I can move the white ashtray please? You answer me that, of course, but that is black. I insist telling you that it is white, you answer me than black I white and so, after this struggle, it is likely that you start to think that I am wrong in the head, because from your perspective, it is clearly Black (me I happen the same with you), but if I still insist that it is white, there will come a moment in which you think that I’m not only crazy, but I’m very bad person, because I want to go crazy you you. As we can see, so you begin any process of change, it is absolutely essential that patients start to be aware of its optics and as this affects all of their relationships. To gain access to other tabs you can check my blog original author and source of the article