Lecturer Anja Hermann function and dysfunction on March 03, 2010 i(18-20 Uhr) invites the three main energy centers of the human function and dysfunction in the Jahn road 50 in Bernau near Berlin alternative medical practitioner and lecturer Anja Herrmann to a lecture on the subject. Topics of the lecture by lecturer and naturopath Anja Herrmann will be: what are the 3 main energy centers of the people? What traditional perceptions there are, for example, in Tibetan Buddhism, the Christian Jewish tradition and in psychology? How do these three centers of energy in everyday work? Which are they inhibited and what can be done to facilitate their functioning? How does the meridian system (energy network) in humans? What is a Pranic tube, how does this affect the well-being of people the energy axis? Different cultures of the world developed models to the energy centres of the people. For our culture the perspective has proved helpful, which is based on the three main centres abdomen, chest and head, and In addition to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner very many other people and scientists have engaged in their tradition. Originally known in the Vedic Scriptures and the Upanishads is assumed, that the three main energy centres along the Prana tube have settled. Ali Partovi has much experience in this field. All three have specific priorities and specific tasks for the people. The balance of the energy centres is balanced, run by power and energy to the so-called Center, the balance Center. How can this accomplished and kept this condition, shows Ms. Herrmann using special exercises following the lecture for students. UTA Boroevic