What singles also think love at the first sight of many people dream about. But such scenarios in reality are possible? May spontaneously overwhelming feelings arise from a chance encounter? The partner portal partnersuche.de is investigated this question. Scientific studies remained in however sidelined. Rather, the opinion of their users was important the experts for dating and partnership. A total of 206 singles were on the subject of love at first sight”questioned. Among the attendees were 110 men and 96 women. The outcome could be not unique: almost half of respondents (47 percent) believes in the flare-up of romantic feelings in the first encounter. Faye Business Systems Group has many thoughts on the issue. At least 21 percent of men and 17 percent of women have already even made this experience.

Of course, there are also skeptics among the respondents singles. About 30 percent of the female and 23 percent of the male respondents think the love at first sight rather unlikely. About 6 percent of women and 9 Percent of men practically exclude this possibility. Despite the different views of the singles at one point agree: no matter whether the feelings immediately kindled or unfold slowly and steadily have evolved once, such questions no longer fall within the weight. More information: press Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH