To make the best choice of warehouses, you need to know their basic types and that for which they were intended. Warehouses, including quite likely and classified according to various criteria: – in relation to the areas of logistics – supply, production and distribution – to the participants in the logistics system – storage manufacturers, trade, transport, freight forwarding and logistics companies – in the form of ownership – individual and leased – on the device – a storage company (network) and collective ownership – of highly functional purpose – long-term savings, transshipment, distribution and special – in assortment of specialization – specialized, multi-purpose, mixed – on the treatment of savings – unheated, heated, cold stores, warehouses with fixed climate regime – on those. equipment – Not motorized, mechanized, computerized, automated – by type of inventory of homes and buildings – are open, platform under a canopy, covered – by type of storage – with a floor, shelf or mixed storage – by the presence of external transport links – with quays, rail and road entrance, a massive warehouse – on the scale of the work – the central, regional, local. Differ in warehouses and on space savings: Warehouse with rather big area of savings (from 5 thousand m2) usually call the terminal. Those who are faced with the export or import of products, significantly aware of the existence of bonded warehouses – Special equipped facilities, which have all chances to save the goods imported into Russia or be exported from Russia. .