Mobile shelving can save up to 80% of the room. The main space savings achieved through the aisles, which in the case of movable shelving simply not needed. For full system performance movable shelving enough one-pass width of 80 cm Thus, the movable racks are an ideal solution for maximizing storage and archive space. Design movable shelving are not distinguished by a special difficulty. Shelves are mounted on the base, equipped with the runners-driven. By turning a special knob is achieved by moving the rack that allows open access to the next shelf.

A movable structure prevents binding still installed shelving availability of passes between them. The mechanical part of the movable shelving requires minimal maintenance and care that naturally when certain moving parts of the structure. However, since the movement of racks is quite rare, the need for maintenance, while respecting the elementary rules of operation of movable shelving, does not arise often. To move the movable rack does not require great physical strength. Whatever weight is not kept on rack, the handle that controls its movements, rotates so easy that move the bookcase in the state and the child. This is especially significant for the staff of the archives, mostly women.

Mobile security racks provided by a special protivooprokidyvayuschim device. Such a device prevents the loaded rack from tipping over, and as a consequence, damage of property stored on it, and injury to personnel. Despite the presence of mechanical design elements, movable shelving surprisingly easy to assemble so that it does not want to attract professionals. All details of the construction of mobile shelving suitable for attachment only intended to place them, the circuit assembly movable rack is very intuitive and simple. This, along with other obvious advantages of movable shelving, making them even more profitable and efficient.