A greater number of unique pages the more pages will be available with unique product information. more pages are positioning in search engines. Many search engine users write phrases such as “buy brand printer for photos XXX “or” YYY brand ink-jet printers 1030 model?. A level of programming for a tab of a product is labeled only try to write the “title” and the label “description” of each page of product details differently. Each page should have these labels in a separate editorial. 2) Try to keep a wide range of products published on the portal Display few products on our site generates a weak, first, to compete with few pages in search engines and on the other hand, cause the same effect as when we a shopping center recently opened and we are open only half of the premises. Causes us not to revisit. Make sure your site maintains a large amount of published product pages to generate the interest of repeat visits.

3) Do not build your product details page with pop-ups A common error in the virtual stores is to schedule information from the product details page through a pop-up format, ie a page that opens a new window by invoking an instruction set with javascript. Typically, the technique aims to portal users can compare several products at the same time. However, now search engines can not index pages with pop-up format. Since the programming of the pop-ups generated by a javascript link, the search engine robots can not follow such links. The recommendation to follow is that each page of sheet product is a separate HTML page with your own URL address or individual.