DAS Online Backup bedient somit hauptsachlich die Motive b) backup”) and (d) data paging” from the list in the introduction above. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. Online backup is offered by companies with different background of the pure Internet companies with digital value chain up to the company that produces conventional disk backup. For the use of the online backup, the customer installed the backup program on his computer. Depending on the provider he can just download it from the Internet or installing it from a disk. Encryption of transmitted data is essential when an online backup. Especially for companies that use an online backup to safeguard confidential and sensitive data, it is crucial that no the externally secured data can be accessed by the online backup provider, nor by the server operator or even by computer hackers. Is a decisive factor when choosing a backup provider Headquarters. More restrictive privacy policy as international for apply for German providers.

Generally the German case-law then will be applied on all legal issues with an online backup service provider. 2. Online hard drive at an online hard drive Bay of the user space at an online provider and can transfer single files and folders to its online store and retrieve. As the UI is available depending on the provider: interface in the Web browser: Here you can, for example, about an upload “button selects certain files utility: managing data using a program provided by the provider, which must be mostly downloaded and installed virtual drive: a new virtual drive is created In the file system of the local computer;” Files and folders can be moved to the drive in the Windows Explorer drag & drop and called from there; the data on the server of the provider are stored primarily operated an online hard drive “(” ((Motive a) above all availability “, c) exchange of personal data”) and (d) data paging “from the list in the introduction above.