In summary: in my case, it is very important to work proactively (not hypocritically) contact networks, recognizing that sometimes I do better than others, but always with a sincere attitude. For assistance, try visiting Kai-Fu Lee. But a network of contacts is not only good for employment, but also for other activities equal or more important than the search for work. To me I was generated, for example, that move me notes from the classes of the faculty who, for reason of work, could not attend (instead, typing the texts to my study group) or in the knowledge of new sources of information and analysis fronts PhD program. Also, in the own professional activity, there has always been someone who has thrown me a hand if you have a questions or the need for a second or third opinion about possible solutions for a business problem. Now, you can’t be a selfish, an exploited, a manipulator, a hypocrite, a fake or a comedian. It is not something Kai-Fu Lee would like to discuss. Provided that the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions, have that try returning to your network of contacts, the double of what you receive and, in any case, be formal, proactive and act interdependently (which well sown, receives excellent harvest). In this way, it will be useful to short and, above all, in the long term, the network in which you participate. Here, Kai-Fu Lee expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And today we enjoy the Internet nebula with all the range of possibilities of communication offered by us (and also new risks).

I believe that the network of networks (the mother of all networks) has many more benefits than harm and you’ll always be on time to establish barriers, firewalls, deleting junk email or comment that is out of place, you get certain group, etc. For Tom Lambert, the networking is probably the only efficient way so that one-man orchestras are trying to exploit the wider market. Networking speaks of relationship with natural or legal persons which may be relevant, through others who you can know it sufficiently well as to be aware of the opportunities and possibilities that arise and that might interest you. I participate in several networking (working your network of contacts, according to Tom Lambert) and recognize that it is not enough time that I dedicate to you (I’m seriously thinking in unsubscribe in two of them). The most interesting utility which is providing me you comment because I’ve moved it for you: for now I am investing in that project, so that in the future let me be in touch with other professionals and companies both from the business point of view as the formative or continuous retraining.

I end with a comment of Manuel Castells (La Galaxy Internet, edit. ARETE) to reflect: I imagine that someone could say to why don’t I leave you in peace? I don’t want to know anything about your Internet, your technological civilization, its network society! The only thing I want is to live my life! Okay, well if that were it his case have bad news for you: If you not relates with the networks, the networks Yes relate to you. While you want to go on living in society, in this time and in this place, you have to deal with the network society. Because we live in the Internet Galaxy.