In the summit, in addition, it can have another conflicting point and it is the reclamation from Paraguay to Brazil on the binational dam of Itaip. The government of Fernando Lugo will reaffirm before Brazil his intention to freely have his energy surplus of usina hydroelectric Itaip on the Parana river, it announced Ricardo Canese, adviser of power subjects. Lugo said Tuesday in Asuncio’n that asked for a bilateral meeting with Lula, to the margin of the Mercosur, " in order to reiterate our orders to him raised in August pasado". We know of the ballast of the asymmetries demanded by Paraguay and Uruguay, the Argentinean-Uruguayan relations congealed by a wastebasket and storm fronts between Brazil and Paraguay by the dam of Itaip As through Digital ABC comments, In the last years, the conflicts between the four partners of the block have multiplied in spite of the repeated political will for integration who express their leaders. Not even the ideological coincidences that exist today between the presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay have been enough to attenuate conflicts that, according to analysts, end up preventing integration. The Argentinean Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Brazilian Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, the Uruguayan Tabar Vzquez and the Paraguayan Fernando Lugo all underneath the umbrella of moderate left are placed that has been abierto in Suramrica during the past few years.

Aspect that president Hugo Chavez considers important and where wants to act to traverse to der a Venezuela who can contribute great collaboration to him through petroleum, very important power factor for South regindel. Nevertheless, Fernandez does not speak with Vzquez since she assumed the position, in December of the 2007, and maintains the relations with Uruguay in the freezer, due to the construction in Uruguayan ground of a wastebasket that reject the Argentineans alleging environmental risks in their territory. The discords by the wastebasket of the Finnish company Botnia crawl from 2003 and from that date they are had agravated, to the point to arrive before the Court the International from The Hague, where still the contentious one is dissolved.