IT IS AN OPINION DOCTOR THAT NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR. But that unfortunately millions and millions of people suffer from it and so far only definitive cure, in my experience is still investigating and many people including 12-year-olds to elderly men and women as I said before do not have passed through my hands distinguish age, race much less social status. In all these times I’ve been able to help many people with different treatments including therapy to known Ray LASSER base with LOW LEVEL LASSER THERAPY, in which I have obtained very good results and permanent. To read more click here: Ali Partovi. Because there are many treatments that stimulate you cresimiento of hair but as soon as your stop using hair falls again with Lasser therapy outcomes have been permanent and what has impressed me is that hair grows with pigmentation which in many cases means not fall again normally one person experiencing new growth the affected areas hair grows white without pigmentation as a cana sign that It has no pigment and to fall again. ES very important to note auque uses the best treatment in the world and your nervous system not this controlled will be difficult to obtain good results I’ve noticed that the main problem of ALOPECIA is your nervous system. on one occasion one of my clients recover everything but absolutely all their hair only with therapy physics direct is as I call it this type of therapy consists of massage with natural oils and deep relaxation but within this thing more important to convince the patient that your nervous system is very important, for more than 12 months she enjoy her beautiful hair and abundant haste a day entered into crisis in his marriage up to divorce and in less than 1 month perdion more than 50% retrieved.

But anyway the technology still helping us every day but they are not wigs with hair systems, is trafficking in parts of hair handmade throw in such fine materials that if you find an expert who knows how to handle this area there is no way that can detect that it is not your own hair, with this system you can make a normal life, as for example go gym or to the beach without any problem also can wash your hair in the barber shop and dry your pass the iron because this hair that is used for the feet of hair is 100% human hair u adiere to the scalp so that only your technical can be removed and te hara feel safe (ro) that nothing happened while you are doing your daily living.