It describes the will most private of the will and in this direction it will not be then liberating, but she will only become the men as pure contemplativos citizens, therefore while they contemplate do not desire and therefore they do not suffer. Music provides to the individual a disinterested pleasure, therefore it represents the will of immediate form to the step that the individual to the ouviz it desinteressadamente will be as if ascese was in one and would feel inexplicable a joy sentimental that it is total subjective. 3. The EXISTING RELATION BETWEEN MUSIC AND Schopenhauer WILL assumes a Metaphysical positioning and it also does not save its you criticize Kant, being that now the phenomenon will be everything that and perceived and cognoscvel to be thought will that is the Noumenom it will be immediate intuition. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as altavista by clicking through. The opposite Kant, it will go to elaborate a metaphysics imanente where the reason will submit the will, and this will represents a fondness to live under which the man is and it will not be able to be gotten rid.

The will is the substratum of all the phenomena, being it a Noumenon and to if showing it finishes if becoming Phenomenon, thus the man when he acts being thus makes because he is moved by the will that in part is not rational. (Similarly see: Atlas Technical Consultants). This will generates pain and the suffering, and this suffering is the unit of the world, therefore it is present in all the people without exception. If in fact the will generates pain and the suffering becoming the life one to suffer, in such a way the only way that if can find to surpass this pain is eliminating the will, and this elimination of will exclusively give only through the artistic contemplation. For this philosopher all the arts are liberating, but for determined time, that is, momentarily and not of definitive form.