You really like to speak in public with security and fluidity? I think that Yes, that is why today you raigo some technical accounts to achieve this goal. The techniques I present today have peculiarity, and it is that they should be put in practice in order to obtain the desired results, i.e. they aren’t just to read them, thus only you will have information but without action truly little will be done. As well I have mentioned on other occasions, the practice of public speaking is the kinds of activities which only you can learn by doing, there is where the real growth lies. This public speaking course we show you how to do it.

1 How to handle fear of speaking in public? From a very different point of view the fear is actually a natural defense which helps us to protect us as living beings. Helps us to protect ourselves from any external danger that might be an attack against our lives, now well, it is clear that the activity of public speaking is not precisely a danger against us, however the fear is activated for two main reasons: the first is because we stand before something new and unknown, and also by the existence of the possibility of becoming the target of teasing. Is that this does not seem something nice but to lar for this situation also happens something very interesting and it is when an individual is presented several times at a same condition fear simply begins to lose. With a repetitive event our brain begins to learn that such an event this well and not mean a danger, in fact with the positive experiences well can become otherwise, i.e. each time that do it well this is stored in our minds as a pleasant sensation. But insurance this continues leaving us the main questions: how to master the nerves when speaking in public?